Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers' Days And May Birthdays

(Above is my grandfather Jack and I at the beach-house back when it was decorated in retro 70's chic and what not. Below is my sister's baby picture.)

We had an interesting Mothers' Day as my dad broke his wrist painting the other week, so he's having orthopedic surgery today. Anyways, my sister came down Saturday and surprised us which was great because May 10th was her 26th birthday---so we celebrated Mother's Day and her birthday. The year my sister was born Return of the Jedi hit the theaters which my dad took me to to get me out of my mom's way. Star Wars has always played a significant role in my life as my dad introduced me to it via HBO---on their honeymoon, he and my mom saw the original one in theaters which had come out a few weeks before their wedding. The December my brother was born in 1984, I got a bunch of Star Wars stuff for Christmas---but anyways enough of the retro Star Wars geekiness. Today is my grandfather Jack's 87th birthday. I'd also like to wish my friend Bruce Reyes-Chow a happy belated on his 40th---he's only a decade older than me, but he doesn't look it. Anyways, if you want to see Bruce's baby picture go here: What I want for my 40th birthday. And with that---here's to more Mothers' Days and birthdays.

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