Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday I edited my profile

Unfourtunately because of space requirements I had to spread it out among the different forms, so the entire updated About Me section of my profile should read as follows:

I have mild cerebral palsy (more on that later) which mainly affects my speech (tis why I write so much) and the spasticity and elasticity of my arms. I went to Covington Street School in Laurinburg NC for Kindergarten and when we moved across town I went to Washington Park for K-5th. I went to Sycamore Lane Middle School for 6th-7th. I went to Flora Macdonald Academy a private school in Red Springs for 8th-12th grades. I majored in Religion and minored in English at Campbell University and had Dr. Wayne Ballard, Dr. Glenn Jonas, Dr. Donald Penny and Dr. Dean Martin as my Religion professors and Dr. William Tate and Dr. Elizabeth Rambo for English.

My mom is Glenda Currin. My dad is Jim Currin, a retired medical doctor who practiced at: and My sister is Elizabeth Currin and my brother is Mitchell Currin and is in grad school at UNC-Charlotte for non-profit business. My late grandfather on my dad's side is Hank Currin and my grandmother is Helen Currin. My aunt on my dad's side is Jane Parker, Director of Wake County Public School System Media Services and my cousins, Wade and Rain Parker are graphic artists. My other grandparents are Jack and Evelyn Currin, a retired postal worker and teacher. My uncle on my mom's side is Cameron Currin.

-------yeah my mom was a Currin and married a Currin, so it gets confusing since my parents are distantly related but distant enough to be married.

I was baptized in 1989 at FBC-Laurinburg and currently attend FBC-Wilmington and I volunteer at a local soup kitchen every Mon. My political views are:other and my Religious views are:BaptoCathoLutheranMethoMessianic/Ecumenical.

--------Oh and my profile picture is of our pug, Hoshi.

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Pat said...

Ben: I had supper at Oxford Baptist Church a few weeks ago with your mother and grandparents, Jack and Evelyn. I grew up next door to them on Delacroix Street and still can see their house from mine on College Street as there is just one house between us. I have known your mom since I was nine and she was seven. We played and grew up in the best neighborhood in the world which at that time was full of children. I have enjoyed reading your blog and extend an invitation to visit me at the FRBA sometime. I met you at Campbell once on Parent's Day. My son graduated in 2004. He is a financial analyst in the Office of the Bursar at Duke. Take care. Pat Cox