Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Long Hiatus/Tragedy In The Church

Sorry for the Summer long silence, but I spent most of my Summer at our pool or playing video games as well as spending time with family and friends. We had a lot of company this Summer, too---especially since my 30th birthday was August the 3rd. Anyways, I hope to get back into full blogging mode soon now that Fall is rolling around---but I figured I'd break my silence today as we had a tragic death in our church this week. A little boy was playing with some friends and climbed a tree and fell off it and died later in the hospital earlier this week. It is always sad to lose someone so young, but his parents even in the face of tragic circumstances did a graceful thing by donating his organs to help save and give life to others and that is what following Jesus is about---acts of self-less grace. Even-though, these parents lost a life by living out their faith, they gave hope and life to others who might have lost a life as well.

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