Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are You Emerging? Why Or Why Not?

Thanks to Iggy and Bruce Reyes-Chow for this interesting challenge:

Bruce Reyes Chow sent out this challenge on Twitter: ""I am emergence" post coming today. Want in? In 140 WORDS or less, blog/FB about it WITHOUT defining by what you are NOT and I'll link back."

I am emerging because I believe:

*theology shouldn't be systematized but experienced and lived out
*God is beyond the boxes that we try to contain Him/Her in
*God requires mercy and not sacrifice
*Jesus wants us to live in peace and unity with one another
*the Kingdom of God is here and now but not yet
*God repairs broken communication lines through the Cross
*we were created in the image of God yet through the fall of man that image has been fragmented but through the living example of Christ we have a way of reflecting the image of God again
*there is unity in diversity as God created individuals that experience Him/Her differently and therefore individuals have their on unique ways of expressing their experience with God
*theology is for the Church and the Church is for community/fellowship
*just as Jesus is the Incarnation of God---the Church is to be the incarnation/the Body of Christ to the world
*God's love is beyond the borders, dams and fences we try to build around it
*Jesus should be at the center of all our words and deeds
*we should seek justice everywhere for all God's creatures regardless of culture, class, sexuality, gender, economies, geography, etc.
*at the very root of God is love so that His/Her love should flow through us as we live amongst others
*God is imaginative, creative in His/Her goodness which bears reckless promises and limitless possibilities
*God will not abandon us---His/Her wayward Pilgrim Church---no matter what issues or challenges of the day we may face---God through Christ is always with us

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