Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here's a Dylanesque Christmas song that I also wrote in 2005:


“This is a wedding song…this is a Halloween hymn…no, this is a Christmas carol…”

A ring is just a thing to get you through the pain that stings
And wedding bells that ring, around a boxing glove love---take off your mask and expose your wings
Now, it’s time for shelter…it’s time for Doves to feather, in full flight
Never faltering that Star that lights up the night and brightly the sky bedights
Tangling, upon the ‘scape and horizon, on some Eastern desert sand
The waiting Madonna and the Carpenter, surround the sound of a pre-nuptial band
It’s time to incarnate the Word that saves the world from sin-sick lullabies
Oh, Christmas Rhapsody and ecstasy of Easter wings that never taste the poison that makes you die

It’s time for the morning-after and to swallow that little pill of predestined free will
And to look upon the newborn Babe, whose stare and lightning eyes could kill
It’s time to crucify the flesh, until the false humanity is finally choked off
When you nail your sins of pious vanity and pride, upon a blood-stained Cross
Now, I’m just a poor boy looking for a manger and a pillow to rest my head on
I need someone to take me off of the streets to a Nativity scene and take me home
Oh, joyous Rapture, when Easter wings touch…connect…for innocence to protect
And that Christmas Rhapsody of long ago, which reduced worldly things to their proper dusty specks

While flecking flakes of pure gold to rain down, upon the naked human soul
With the blush of the Rose that exposes it all and unravels dignity to shreds---unrolled
And humble down the Winter willows, which creep and crawl, while you stall
With your grave face, against a wailing wall, inside the confines of some prayer hall
Some they calk their holes full of fool’s gold, but we calked Your holes full of solid lead
When the ceiling was pealing, resealing and dealing the wounds that blow red
And stain those Easter wings, which offer up their hollow cups and empty plates for the feast of kings
And queens, on the table spread and sing the ole time Christmas Rhapsody, where church bells ring

Out the turning tides and burn bridges of the past left lingering, on the wind
Go fast and flash the differences, which change you inside, when you begin again
Become like a little Christ, which lights the Tree, in the Garden of Epiphany
Where you can drink a mixed Double-Shot of Truth, until you gain the eyes to see what you don’t see
God is hidden, among the clouds---revealed, in times, between the lines of crowds
Never, in the shadows, but through a glass darkly seen and heard, if you don’t talk so loud
Silence is a prayer, upon Easter wings, even in a mission field with all the tracks that you lay
People can still hear that Christmas Rhapsody written, on every turn of the heart’s stage or page

The whole of humanity is stained by such a ravenous frame and they’re the ones to blame
For playing games with the One, who came to take away their sense of shame---you get lame
Thinking too long, upon that little thorn that twists you up inside---you gotta pull the plank from your eyes
Stop fostering false humanity, let it fall down to the ground---rise up to the skies, you become wise
Put together patterned pieces of puzzled fates, faith’s intangible evidence, which shapes
The conscience and strips it down to the heart of it all---unties the laces and puts you, in your place
When Easter wings crumble like towers, upon the sea of a Higher Reality
Get caught and spent, tangled in that all encompassing net of Christmas Rhapsody

The Old order has been turned into a shadow of the New, which has already come
You’ve seen it’s face, you’ve felt it’s blows, if you’ve stared too long into the wings of the Sun
You’ve burnt your eyes out, on life decaying by the blade of a dangling double-edged sword
Defeated and beaten into ploughshares hidden, behind a Rock, in the field of a Holy Word
Called from the world not out of it---though sometimes, you must hide, in the wings of a Sacred thing
Which redeems everything, when it flings off worldly armor with skill and a numbing sting
To that defecated clay, which sometimes holds down your Easter wings from their career of flight
And it’s that Christmas Rhapsody, which was born this midnight, tonight, on a long ago night

It’s time for ships to come sailin’ in, in the morning for safe harbor, in some mooring
When it’s winter storming, pouring snow and covering everything and showing
All those little bright white lies of your past, coming down, upon you fast, when tied
Sparkle there, in the clouds, in the stars, in the sky, where your halo lies---you pick up the tides
Put another sail, on your mast---set sail, across the world---seeking there to find
The answers to the questions that always plague your mind---get infected by a Spirit that always shines
And topple over orders that try to hold down Easter wings into a pin hole void and cell
Well, just look at that Christmas Rhapsody cut through all the borders---the Lord with us to dwell

There are stripes, which heal and give life meaning and like a flag all hold onto it, when life gets old
We all seek to fade into that cold warm Winter’s Light, the jailhouse of another soul---never seeking parole
From those streets of gold, which we all reach for, when everything, in life, starts to get quiet
Pretty soon everyone will join in the riot for brotherly love to apply it for everyone to try it
While waiting on Peace to come that’s already here inside, where True Peace can’t die and
You’ve carved out your decorations and strung that Light, across your soul---come out of hiding
You’ve seen your Christmas tree become a Cross to take away everyone’s loss of True Humanity
And it’s those Easter wings, which give that Christmas Rhapsody it’s meaning and sets the world free…

©2005 T/H Songs, INC. & GB Lyrics, CO

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