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Mom Let 3-Year-Old Son Smoke

Mom Let 3-Year-Old Son Smoke
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LONDON (Jan. 22) - A British woman has pleaded guilty to child cruelty for allowing her 3-year-old to smoke in front of her.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees said video taken by a mobile phone showed the small child popping a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it with a lighter and taking a drag.
Rees told a court in the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil that the boy's mother, 24-year-old Kelly Marie Pocock, was sitting next to him and talking on the phone at the time.
The video was shot by Pocock's friend, Natasha Dudley, who showed the footage to social workers.
"It doesn't cause him any discomfort," Rees said, according to the British Broadcasting Corp. "It is clear that the boy, at the age of three, knows what to do with a lighter and cigarette."
Judge John Curran said Thursday it was clear Pocock's child was a habitual smoker and called the situation appalling.

Pocock was given a 40-week suspended sentence.
According to the Daily Mail, the judge told Pocock he did not want to separate the single mom from her son and two other small children. He also took into account that she had completed a parenting class.
"This offense would normally cross the custody threshold but I do not want to cause your children any further emotional harm by separating them from you," he said.
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2009-01-22 19:13:17

I have no comment other than that my mom never let me smoke---let alone when I was 3. I had to try it in secret with a friend when I was 10 and I still got caught and in trouble for it---but the good thing is when I tried smoking, I hated it and thankfully never did it again. Anyways, this news article is a good example of when to show grace to the world. So what are your thoughts?

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