Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How An April Fool's Blessing Should Sound

Here's a jabberwocky poem I wrote in 2002 at Campbell:

Trebbly, mungle. marred and feared---
Round the cornhuskine ran da beard.
Tibbly, tabbly, down we prabe,
Fornfer, farver and deprage.
Rangle, rengel, noun non not.
Brabe, breadfood eat wam hot.
Ningle, nangle, namby pamby pan,
Fring, frang, bring, brang bran.
Tibble, tabble, worg-wang whoge---
Ning, Nang, sing-sang houge.
Veeb, vabe, veerdy freuden bows,
Weevle ringle-rangle browden rose.
Ginzle, ganzle, tingly tows and deplose
Habitate nate nang-norton robe nose.
Neezle, Nayzel repose on trivvle, travle green
Beezel, bangnawl; tinge-tang, tounge-tied sing.
Now, let’s eat the feast before us, beezy gazey
And before it gets lost in dingy, dangnobbon hazey!

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