Monday, October 26, 2009

Archbishop Of Canterbury's Treasures Found

Ex-Archbishop's Treasures Found in River
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LONDON (Oct. 23) -- A fresh mystery is gripping Britain's religious community: Just how did a treasure trove of rare medallions and coins collected by a former archbishop of Canterbury end up at the bottom of the River Wear?
The coins, medals, goblets and other religious items were found over the last few years by two divers, Gary and Trevor Bankhead, in the frigid, murky river waters that loop around Durham Cathedral.
Research shows many of the artifacts are linked to the late Michael Ramsey, a former archbishop of Canterbury with longtime ties to Durham, a city 280 miles north of London where he served as bishop and spent some of his retirement years before his death in 1988.

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Interesting stuff---what do you think?


The Rev. Mr. David Gillespie said...

strange, strange... but kinda interesting

TheoPoet said...

Yeah...haha...who knows what else might be found? How many other religious leaders have buried treasure?