Saturday, October 3, 2009

Washed Away

This must be the hardest thing to deal with to watch your six-year-old daughter washed away by a tsunami wave knowing that you can't do anything to stop it:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Mom Watches Girl Vanish in Wave
Ted Rowlands , CNN
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LEONE, American Samoa (Oct. 3) -- Taitasi Fitiao was holding her six-year-old daughter's hand when a tsunami wave crashed onto their coastal village in American Samoa.
"I held her hand. The wave got us and that's when her hand just left mine and I could hear her say, 'Mom, please.' And then I saw her, I saw her floating away. And I knew right then that she was gone, she was taken from us."

Read more: Here.

Pray for the Fitiao family as they deal with the grief of such a horrific and tragic loss.

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