Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Shepherd Donations At An All Time Low

See the video here: Local shelter donations the lowest in 25 years.
The Good Shepherd Center in Wilmington serves hundreds of meals a day to the homeless and needy. This holiday season the shelter has seen the least amount of donations in 25 years.

See also: Proposition 8 Protest Reaches Wilmington.
Hundreds of protesters gathered in Wilmington to show their disapproval of Proposition 8. It was introduced on the November ballot in California to strike down a court ruling to allow same-sex marriage. The state supported the proposition, which sent alarms throughout the gay and lesbian community.

And: Riegelwood remembered two years later.
Sunday marked the second anniversary of the deadly tornado that swept through Columbus County. Riegelwood changed forever when it touched down, killing eight people. Those who lived through the event looked back to remember they lost.

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