Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Time: Weeks 5 And 6

I've gotten behind on Blogging on our Sunday School lessons, so I combined these 2 past lessons as they explore similar themes. Week 5 was about churches discovering their God-given mission and week 6 was on fulfilling the Great Commission. These 2 themes are pretty straight forward, so without rehashing the familiar---we discussed what we feel God called us to do talent-wise. For those who haven't seen yet here is a paper I wrote on my calling: TheoPoetic Musings: Christian Ministries.

For me theology and literature are my calling as well as being a whistleblower on Militant Fundamentalist Evangelical Christendom or Right-Wing Traditional Orthodoxy or SBC Baptists or Ultra-Conservative Hyper-Christianity or whatever label one wants to slap on Fungelical orgs., while at the same time being weary of Hyper-Left Christianity as either extreme are dangerous and impede our following Christ---and that is one of the reasons I Blog, now. I started out Blogging in order to share my John Study that I did this Summer with my church friends, who aren't on Facebook---but quickly discovered why Bruce Reyes-Chow calls: Blogging a Spiritual Discipline.

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Reyes-Chow said...

thanks for the link and glad one more person has discovered the joy and discipline that can be found from this form of communication.