Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here Is One Of My Musical Compositions

This is a music video that I made on 11/06/2008 of a musical composition that I created in 2003 using Cakewalk Music Creator and Autocomposer. I made the music video by converting my Midi composition to an MP3 and pasting that into Microsoft Windows Movie Maker along with some pictures as I was trying to upload it to Blogger, but couldn't get that to work or get it to upload to YouTube either---so here I am. Anyways, I named the original composition: "Zelda Suite" as it reminded me of videogame music specifically from "The Legend Of Zelda" videogame series---hence the use of pictures from: I never quite finished my suite, but this is the most complete version that I have.
Go here to view the original page. Anyways if you grew up with Nintendo like me the Legend Of Zelda was one of the must have video games for the NES. This video should be a trip down memory lane picture wise---music wise it's a fairly decent composition of mine.

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