Saturday, November 8, 2008

Songs For Jim Everette

Jim asked me to critique his sermon from the Sunday before last and go easy on him, but since it's no longer fresh on my mind---here is something else instead:

Here are some song lyrics which somewhat relate to Jim's sermon:


Oh, I woke up, one day, I-s a-feelin’ sad and blue
Neighbors had so many cats, I didn’t know whut to do
Jumped into da car…..took a drive……it wus a weddin’ day
Hit one of dem cats and drove away
Wusn’t worried…….I didn’t kill it…..
It wus only stuned!

Well, now, I remember Divinity School well
They taught me, about Heaven, they taught me, about Hell
Schleiermacher, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth…….crazy kids’ stuff!
When they started talkin’ Greek, I-s thought that wus tough
So I took off……. Down da road!
Watch out, now, here I come!

One day, I packed da wife-n-kids into my pick-up truck
Got lost, in a football parking lot…couldn’t find no luck
Thought it take a long time for my wife to cool down
Well, now, you shoulda seen me a-floatin’ round
I-s in a mess……..I-s in a jam
Didn’t bother me none…..though!

Now, my son, he’s a funny sort
He holds hot dog eatin’ contests and thinks it’s a sport
My daughter, now, she’s boy crazy alla da time
She’s enough to a-worry my mind
If I catch her with a boy
I might hafta get out my 9’ iron!

So if ya ever a-feel like me, about cats
You shoulda been, where I’s standin’ at
Don’t jump in a car, on a weddin’ day
If you do, you’ll be a-messin’ with fate
Catch heck to pay…..ain’t pretty stuff….
It’s a-crazy!

©2005 T/H Songs, INC. & GB Lyrics, CO --Dr. Everette talked about problems with his dog this go round.

Here are some song lyrics I wrote based on another one of Jim's past sermons:


Well, I’m thinking, about that one sad goodbye
Oh, you know, sometimes, goodbyes are just hellos, in disguise
So step lightly, now, into a New Life and keep with that Light
Though sometimes, it’s still hard to make it by
There’s so much you gotta know---gonna take a push to get you going
Well, everyone has a road to go on, wherever the Wind is blowing

Well, I remember driving down that ole lonesome highway
In my T-Bird with nothing, but my thoughts and a lonesome day
From Chapel Hill all the way back to the concrete jungle of Fayettenam
And, in between, all those Holy Fields and all that desert sand
Well, sometimes, the more you learn---the less you really know
That’s alright keep on going down the road, wherever the Wind may blow

“My wife,” said McGore, “she’s finished---go ahead and cut the line”
Sad price that you have to pay to ease suffering and have peace of mind
Well, how her face resembles God, but you got to do what you’ve got to do
To keep on and survive and now, she’s like scattered pollen blowing through
She’ll still be, in my mind, you know---keep on, where that Spirit is going
Down that ole lonesome road, where that Wind keeps on blowing

Picasso sitting, around, drinking wine to past the last hours of his time
“God what a stunning painting,” he said as he reached the end of the line
When that curtain rolled open and he saw, where he was standing at
Well, sometimes, the Truth of those brushstrokes capture just the beauty of the facts
So you keep painting what you learn---so then the more that you can know
As you keep on going down the road, wherever the Wind may blow

Jesus walking down that lonesome valley without a disciple, in sight
Jesus walking down that ole dirt road---fill the world with Light
Look out, they’re coming, now, to kill Him and strike Him down
So they strung Him up there, on that skull-shaped hill---so that life, now, abounds
Well, all I know is that that final fatal parting shot
In the end, became something more than just a Cross

Rise up, rise up, now, for goodbye is not goodbye
But hello, in the end, to a New Life
Said rise up, rise up, now, for goodbye is not goodbye

©2006 T/H Songs, INC. & GB Lyrics, CO

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