Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Curran/Currin Family And Coffin Ships

Irish Clan Map

Currin Coat Of Arms

On Saint Patrick's Day, I have to thank my ancestors for taking the long and perilous journey across the Atlantic to escape the potato famines in Ireland and religious persecution in County Donegal, Ireland/Northern Ireland. In fact, one of the reasons why most of my side of the Curran/Currin family are in North Carolina is because the coffin ship they were on shipwrecked off the coast of North Carolina and a bunch of them ended up staying here.

More on Currin/Curran family history: Currin Surname, Curran Surname, Currans In The United States, Currins In The United States and Famous Currans/Currins In America:
Alvin Curran (born 1938), American composer
Catherine Curran O'Malley (born 1962), a Maryland state judge
Charles Curran (theologian) (born 1934), Catholic theologian
Charles Courtney Curran (1861 – 1942), American painter
Chuck Curran (born 1939), an American politician
Francis Earl Curran (1912 – 1992), an American politician
Jack Curran, an American High School athletics coach
Joseph Curran (1906 - 1981), an American labor leader
J. Joseph Curran, Jr. (born 1931), an American politician
Kevin Curran (disambiguation)
Margaret E. Curran, a United States Attorney
Pearl Lenore Curran (1883 – 1937), American author who wrote as Patience Worth
Robert Curran (disambiguation)
William Curran (Maryland), an American politician
Curran Oi, (born 1990), an American figure skater

John Currin- John Currin (born 1962) is an American painter
David Maney Currin- David Maney Currin, Sr. (November 11 , 1817 – March 25 , 1864 ) was a Tennessee attorney and politician who served in the Confederate …
Nathan Currin- Member of Family Force 5
The Rev'd Beverly Madison Currin, Ph.D., Rector Emeritus of Christ Church Parish and author to name a few.

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