Friday, March 27, 2009

Interesting Stuff From Around The Web

Spotted on: Arminian Today: The Prosperity Message

From the Biblical Recorder: Vermont moves to legalize ‘gay marriage’ and Vermont governor pledges gay marriage veto.

On Redemption: “The Pauline Conception of Redemption”.

On Albrecht Ritschl and Johannes Weiss and Social Justice: Social justice: Now, later or never? The contribution of Albrecht Ritschl and Johannes Weiss to social justice theology---here's an abstract of that:
Summary: This paper considers the influence of Albrecht Ritschl
(1822-1889) and Johannes Weiss (1863-1914) on current social justice
theologies. It begins by pointing to the significance of Ritschl and Weiss
within the context of fin de siècle German theology. This is followed by
an explication of the different interpretations of the kingdom of God
that appear in the works of Ritschl and Weiss. Finally, the interpretations
of Ritschl and Weiss are tied to current Christian reflection concerning
social justice in the work of Rosemary Ruether (1936- ) and Stanley
Hauerwas (1940- ). The paper demonstrates the relevance of Ritschl
and Weiss to contemporary religious discourse concerning the role
that Christianity can and should play in the promotion of social justice.

On Ecumenical Relations Between the PCUSA and the Episcopal Church: Agreement Between The Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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