Sunday, March 29, 2009

The One Lamb: A Movie For Easter

It seems that more and more independent Christian themed movies are being released nowadays which is a good thing. Here in time for the Easter season is one of them:
The One Lamb is a 2009 American Christian film directed by Bryan Forrest,[1] set to be released on March 30, 2009. It stars John W. Price, Alyson Lowe, Anna Holmes and Bryan Forrest. It is unrated.[2] It was financed by University City United Methodist Church, in North Carolina.[1]

[edit] Plot
The One Lamb is the story of Jackson Price (Bryan Forrest) who is diagnosed with cancer, and determined to atone for the sins of his past. He once had everything going his way, but in a moment of weakness he lost everything. He was abandoned by his wife, learns he is dying of cancer, and may not live long. But he's determined to fight, and with a little help from a pastor named Earl (John W. Price), he tries to achieve redemption for his past failures while hoping and praying for a happy, healthy future.

Here are further details from the Official Website:
In the dead of night, lying across the steps of an altar in an abandoned church, a man lies broken and confused. How could he have fallen so far?

Just days before, he was a power broker, a young, hot campaign manager for a candidate for the US Senate. His picture graced the covers of national magazines touting him as the new “Golden Boy” of American politics. And his future was shining bright. Now, alone in this unfamiliar place, everything he once had is lost. Crying out into the darkness for help, the voice of a stranger answers “I’m going to help you my son”…

Jackson Price awakens to find himself in a hospital bed. Here, at the bottom of his fall from grace, is where he will learn he has cancer. And he is going to have to fight to save his life. All alone and facing an uncertain future, Price seeks out the stranger who answered his cry in the darkness.

In a small town deep in the country, far away from the fast paced life he once lived in the big city, Price will find Earl. Earl enjoys the simple life of the country. He delights in taking long afternoon naps. He enjoys sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch sipping cold glasses of sweetened iced tea. And this stubborn, retired black preacher and the young city boy will become fast friends.

Earl cares for Jack as he battles the cancer trying to take his life. And helps Jackson to realize he is going to have to abandon everything he understands and learn to trust in something much bigger than himself. Ultimately, for Jackson to save his life…he is going to have to surrender it.

Jackson learns that he is losing his fight with cancer. In a race against time, Earl will lead him to the One who has the power to give him new life. Turning from his selfish ways of the past, Jackson forgoes any further treatment and attempts to run a marathon to inspire thousands of others to have hope and to never give up.

Audiences will stand up and cheer at this inspirational story of courage and faith. Come along on this incredible journey as Price races against time and his past to reach the finish line where he will find the One who will set him free…the One who will give him new life…

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