Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dr. Jonas: Hübmaier Could've Been As Big As Luther And Calvin

Dr. Jonas talks Balthasar Hübmaier with Tripp: Balthasar Hübmaier, Another Flaming Heretic with Dr. Glenn Jonas: Homebrewed Christianity 46 and says that things might have been different if Hübmaier hadn't been executed by burning. Who knows maybe Anabaptist thought would have been more received in Evangelical circles today rather than the blatant love of all things Calvinism---not that there is anything wrong with Calvinism in and of itself---just Fungelicalism approximation that Calvinism equals the Gospel.

Anyways, give a listen to my friend Tripp's Podcast with Dr. J., one of my favorite people and professors while I was at Campbell.

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