Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Grandfather: Deacon Emeritus Of Oxford Baptist Church

This Sunday we went to Oxford, North Carolina to celebrate my grandfather's service as a deacon of Oxford Baptist Church. We really surprised him, which was nice! Unfortunately he wasn't feeling well that day but at least he was honored. It truly is a sad thing to watch loved ones grow old and slowly wither away especially since medical science makes life seem to go on and on far past the point it should. However, we must always rejoice in all the triumphs the elderly undertake just to make it through the day so I count it a blessing to have three grandparents still living at this point! Anyways, my grandfather was the second ever recipient of a Deacon Emeritus Award at Oxford Baptist Church, so it was neat to spend Pentecost Sunday with family that has served Christ, their churches and communities for many years and beyond---even my Uncle Cameron got to take time off of the church he pastors to be there. Here is the bulletin from that day though there is no mention of my grandfather which helped aid to the surprise element:

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