Friday, June 5, 2009

There Is Something Very Wrong With This Picture

Thanks to Ruckmanism.Org:
Can you believe this? The latest book by Peter Ruckman features a painting on the front cover of the KJV dying on the cross instead of Christ. Click here to see the cover.

I found the link for Ruckmanism.Org on the Fundamentalist version of Wikipedia: The Ministry Of EJ Hill & Friends' article on Peter Ruckman. They are right on Ruckman, but you should check out what they say about Billy Graham:
Abortionist [1|3] - Ecumenical [2|7|8] - False Teacher [1] - Freemason [4|5|6]
I wonder how anyone in their right mind could call Billy Graham an abortionist? Another article to check out is the one on Brian McLaren, if you can stomach it. Ahh....the joys of late night web browsing.

Anyways, if you got yourself with something more refreshing: The Rev's Rumbles: America's 'Emerging Church:' Will a New Post-Evangelical Christianity Reflect More Tolerant Views?, since the retired Rev. Anderson gave me a shout out:The Rev's Rumbles: Todd Friel Responds To Dr. Tiller's Murder---I figured I'd return the compliment.


Christian Beyer said...

I've seen a lot worse from this camp. Particularly with criticisms of McLaren. Better be careful - you risk getting heartburn.

TheoPoet said...

You're right about that.