Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Remembering D-Day

I know I am a few days late in remembering D-Day but I thought it was appropriate considering that my grandfather, Jack, arrived on the shores of Normandy a few days after the main invasion. He was part of the clean up crew. I guess that's one of the reasons he survived the war---the sheer luck of avoiding the most dangerous part of the D-Day Invasion.

My late grandfather, Hank, was an aerial photographer in the United States Air Corps in England and France. I forgot what part he played in D-Day, but anyways one of his favorite war stories to tell was how he dated the mayor of Vert-le-Grand's daughter, André LeBlanc and how her dad sent her little brother to chaperone them. I wish we had recorded all his war stories for posterity before he passed on.

I had other relatives that served during World War II as well including a Great-Uncle that was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th. He never liked to talk about Pearl Harbor up to his passing.

Anyways, world history should never be forgotten and world history was certainly made on that day---June 6, 1944.

RARE COLOR FILM D DAY - JUNE 5th 1944 - Click here for this week’s top video clips

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