Monday, June 8, 2009

Updates: *Edits* 4

So I finally added a Recent Comments Widget above my Labels Widget, after all this time---I hadn't had much luck with getting Blogger template edits to work for me so I used the simple way of adding widgets. I figured that adding a Recent Comments Widget would help visitors know what posts are being commented on and give them a preview of comments so that they may decide to leave their own.

Since I haven't posted about it yet, but you've already noticed it---I just wanted to say that I added a Labels Widget awhile back. The pro of this is helping visitors locate content blogged about easily. The con of this is that it makes my Blog look longer than it really is---because of the vast amount of content published.

Also awhile back, I added the tool Site Meter to help keep track of visitor statistics and all that good stuff. Site Meter is at the very bottom of my Blog underneath my ClustrMap Widget.

Today I neatened up my Profile---after a long time of putting it off and because it makes my Profile easier to read. I may have to eventually take off some non-essential Widgets for the sake of loading times, but while everything is up and running smoothly they will remain.

Oh one other thing here is the 2009 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Of North Carolina General Assembly Edition of my Blog card:
I didn't have an exhibit there in case you are asking but I did hand out this card to various people there.

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