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How to Share Your Faith Using Hannah Montana

How to Share Your Faith Using Hannah Montana Written by: Jane Dratz
Position: Editorial Coordinator
Posted: 11-05-2007
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Tweener phenom Hannah Montana's (aka Miley Cyrus') whirlwind tour is packing concert venues across the country. If she hasn't already descended on a city near you... trust me, when she does, you're going to hear about it before, during and after her entourage sweeps in and out of town! Like it or not the buzz is deafening. Scoring a ticket has become a notable event in and of itself, if not for the swoon effect exhibited by ultra-devoted Hannah Montana fans, then for its potential resale value. Hannah's buzz is so intense and intentional that ticket prices on the resale market start at $300 in most concert cities and have reached a reported $2565.00 for a single ticket to the Charlotte, NC show.
Perhaps you are already more aware of this phenom than you want to be, but for the benefit of those who are still Hannah-oblivious, here's the crash course...Disney's Hannah Montana is a normal teen by day and a rock star by night - but this dual life is a secret from all but her family and her closest friends. Fanatical fans, world travel, shoes, hot clothes - did I mention shoes? - fill her world when she's inhabiting her rock star persona. But each morning a regular day-life awaits her as a typical teen with the normal teen joys and challenges - so what's not to love? As the song goes, it's "The Best of Both Worlds." Who wouldn't want to live their stardom dream AND keep their normal life?
And maybe that's the appeal. Deep down we all want to live our dreams. But how do you figure out in the first place what your dream is? What will really satisfy you in life? And if you're a believer, where does God fit into your dreams for the future? (Read more: Here).

For something different---go: Here---for what seems to be a subtle attack on the Emerging/Emergent Church though as usual confused with Rick Warren and the Seeker-Sensitive Church.

Anyways, here's a Hannah song that I think speaks to Dr. Queen's message from this past Sunday:

The key verses are:
You... You need to discover
Who can make you feel free
And I, I need to uncover,
The part of you that's reaching out for me
Hey hey hey!

I know where I stand
I know who I am
I would never run away when life gets bad
I'ts Everything I see,
Every part of me
I know I can change the world, yeah, yeah, yeah!
---these verses also remind me of Cassie Bernall.

So do you know where you stand and who you are in Christ? Do you stand against the things that Christ stood against? (Predjudice, racism, classism, bigotry, judgementalism, literalism, self-righteousness, materialism, sexism, social and individual sins, etc.) And do you stand up for the ones Christ stood up for? (The poor, the oppressed, the enslaved, drunks, homosexuals, prostitutes, tax-collectors, the elderly, the disabled, etc.)

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