Friday, October 24, 2008

Updates: *Edits* 3

I now have a buisness card advertising my Blog:

Also, I added some new widgets and rearranged my layout:

First I added a Clustrmap , which I have moved below my Profile (which is located below My Blog List).

Secondly, the reason I moved my Clustrmap was because I also added a Feedjit widget, which also has a map of where site visitors are from but provides further details. Visitors take time to explore both of these handy gadgets. Feedjit (which is located between my Snapshots badge and my Blog Archive) also allows one to view top page hits of the day on my Blog and you can also view visitor activity on my Blog. Here is an example of that:

Buies Creek, North Carolina arrived from on "TheoPoetic Musings: So as I was Googling Dr. Queen, my pastor..." by searching for "divinity school student".
10:27:25 -- 13 hours 40 mins ago
Grand Rapids, Michigan arrived from on "TheoPoetic Musings: What Can We Know Of The Truth?" by searching for "James K.A. Smith".
10:09:49 -- 13 hours 58 mins ago
India arrived from on "TheoPoetic Musings: Defining The Bible" by searching for HEBREW BIBLE.
10:01:49 -- 14 hours 6 mins ago
New Orleans, Louisiana arrived from on "TheoPoetic Musings: Defining The Bible".
06:52:34 -- 17 hours 15 mins ago
Perpignan, Languedoc-Roussillon arrived from on "TheoPoetic Musings: Preteens use dance to share faith" by searching for preteens.
06:07:51 -- 18 hours ago Wilmington, North Carolina left via from "TheoPoetic Musings"

Thirdly, I added my Blog to the website Blogged, which presents a directory of different Blogs and rates them. My Blogged rating based on the editor's review is a 8.1---visitors can check this out by going to my Blogged Rating badge, which is located between my Youtube widget and Blogged badge. If one clicks on my Blogged Rating badge, it will take you to this page and if one clicks on the Blogged badge, it will bring up the directory of Christion Blogs on Blogged.

Finally, I added three other Feedjit widgets: a Feedjit Live Traffic Map, which is located between my Profile and Clustrmap; a Feedjit Live Page Popularity widget (which is located under my Scripture Of The Day and Google widgets), which should help visitors find pages that visitors have accessed the most and along with that I added the Feedjit Recommended Reading widget (which is located between my Blog List and my Profile) and is similar in function to the Feedjit Live Page Popularity widget.

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