Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LAZARUS AS A BIBLICAL AND NON-BIBLICAL MOTIF: Lazarus's Effect On Culture Part 4---Conclusion

Some concluding remarks on the Lazarus narrative are as follows: Lazarus is a symbolic figure in the bible and has been utilized far beyond the bible, in other symbolic ways. Lazarus is viewed as a symbolic figure in different ways in different cultures. Lazarus is a unique motif present in the bible and in all art-forms beyond the bible. The two major purposes Lazarus serves as a symbol are: Lazarus as a symbol of resurrection and Lazarus as a symbol of belief and trust. Two other uses of the Lazarus figure are: Lazarus being a witness for Christ and Lazarus being a symbolic figure that represents aspects of God’s mission to humankind through the life and death of Jesus. These purposes are major factors of the reason in which John included the Lazarus narrative in his Gospel. The use of the Lazarus theme outside of the bible vary from art-form to art-form. Lazarus appears as a metaphor for many different themes within literary sources. He is, also, present in the visual arts such as paintings, sculptures and movie films. The symbol of Lazarus is pertinent in music as well and is mainly used in the lyrics of songs, but not so much straightforward instrumental songs. In conclusion, Lazarus has had a profound effect on his culture (around the time of Christ and the early years of the Christian church) as well as our culture.

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