Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Continued

Bob Dylan influenced lyrics:

The British are coming, remember that
That memory is long gone, dropped out flat
In 1812, we saw Francis Scott Key write a flag song
That memory too, in our minds, is long gone
Remember the Alamo, where Davy Crocket fought
That’s just another American memory that lies dead and naught
Next comes the Blue and Grey, where brother fought brother
Of all that we’re never suppose to forget, this is another
Remember the Kaiser and all the trenches
This is just a memory past and filed away like lynches
How about Hitler’s murder of the Jews, Pearl Harbor or the Sinking of the Maine
Even more memories gone down the drain
How about the Kennedys’ or Lincoln or Martin Luther King’s
Assassination---more memories that don’t mean a thing
How about Nam, Korea, Nixon’s resignation, Wallace or
Regan’s escape from assassination---memories, memories and nothing more
Nothing less, but memories, memories from the past
Fleeting out in time, so very, very fast
Remember September 11th, how can we forget, well, soon
September 11th, we will forget, for it is just a fleeting memory too
© 2002 T/H Songs, Inc.
© 2002 GB Lyrics, C.O.

I read some news today and it left me feeling a mess
I heard that the world is sinking down
Cus every which way you look around
All you can find, when you look out are terrorists
Don’t know much about that label, gets thrown around too often
Well, you know now they are saying, you can tell whose a terrorist
By the way they dress or the color of their skin
Or if they have a funny accented name
What a shame, I have a friend named Omar Jabar Lammyakgrow
Guess now I gotta turn him in, guess he’s gotta go
Well, you know the problem with terrorists
Is that they are too much like them Communists
Them Communists just can’t get no relief, when they cry: “peace”
Everyone starts to bomb em or else give em the big AIDS disease
Look out Bin Laden, you’re next on our hit list
We’ll treat you just like a suicide case, but at least you ain’t Communist
So now, I’s feeling sad and scared on account of the way the world is
You know I thinks them Communists bred all them terrorists
At least that’s what Patton would say, if he were still here
Or if the John Birch Society would remain for a million years
You know there’s a new dust bowl rolling up this way
It was all the Mid East that planted it here, at least that’s what the Southern Baptists say
They’re not terrorists, you know, the way they force themselves on others
So now, I’s searchin’ for terrorists all around
Pulling every cover upside down, going from town to town
I guess I might’ve turned a hundred Mexicans back to their Motherland
On account of they look funny, don’t look like us
They must be Terrorists, because “no Ingles” do they understand
So said I: “to Mexico you go or you bust here with this terrorist dust”
I saw Mr. President Bush come on T. V., he said: “every American for themselves”
So I thought: ‘Boy, sure glad I’m an American by trade but a Folkie by any other name’
Well, now I felt a hardcore sinking feeling in my guts
On account of this blowin’, mean ole black dust
That the non-Westerners sent over here by way of the Continental Shelf
It made me pause for a minute and reflect on the pouring down fiery rain
Guess those who don’t share our freedom, don’t feel the same
So next come the news Suddam is still in Iraq......can’t find him for all we got
Doesn’t matter if you are searchin’ for him or not
He’s a terrorist.....they all play the same game
And Boy, do they all look quite the same
They just all have different weird sounding names
Don’t sound quite American enough, I guess
Now, I’s so mad, I started weepin’ and a-wailin’
Moanin’ and a-groanin’, on account of our failin’
Jailin’ all them terrorists, locking them behind bars, forever
Especially that one they said was a Benedict Arnold, whatever he did
All I can say is at least he was a Benedict Arnold and not a Fidel Castro-fied Communist
Cos they would string him up then
For being the worst of all traitors, except for of course the fact that he doesn’t have tanned skin
I decided to check out the local scenes
Even decided to check out my dreams
Who knows, there could be terrorists there
They could even be blowing in your hair
Now, whose to say whose truly American or not
When mixed roots, we all do got
I guess that to define the answer well
Just look for the nearest Communist and lock them up in jail
None of them are Americans
“Terrorists, terrorists roaming all around”
“There’s evil everywhere, creeping up today, could be in your own town
Sneaking up on you without a sound”
The headlines read, guess that’s just the way it goes
When you look for it, it’ll someday show
So now I looked in the mirror and out of the corner of my eye
I did spy, like a wall that is occupied with a fly
A terrorist, he come, run up from behind
Roaming through my mind
I guess that we’re terrorists
Just like all the rest
On account of everything to the Mid East and Mexico that we do and say
Killing and bombing innocent lives everyday
Well, just like Jesus once said: ‘nobody’s perfect’ not even us Americans
So now’s the time for peace and justice and to understand
And to be fair and give back everyone all their land
Unless they are Communist or a terrorist, then you can kill them
But that’s not the Truth or the way to go about God, “Have Mercy, please!”
© 2002 T/H Songs, Inc.
© 2002 GB Lyrics, C.O.

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