Friday, September 19, 2008

FBC-Wilmington Back Downtown

So after being downtown in our activity center, it was good to be back downtown last Sunday. I must say I'll miss getting Pepsi after church, but there is still Wed. nights.
Although, I am more of a Coke drinker---I like both Coke and Pepsi products and I am participating in both of their rewards programs.

I must have looked funny looking through the recycling bin at the activity center for extra tops with codes on them that you redeem for points to exchange for goods or sweepstakes' enteries. I must say though for all of Coke's goodness I am disappointed in the My Coke Rewards program due to all the rules and limitations in exchanging points for goods. Although, one good thing is that now you can exchange points to aid local schools.

However with all that said I like Pepsi's reward program, PepsiStuff better, because it is much easier to do. All you need is an Amazon account and you're off. I think next time around though I'll use my points for goods for the homeless.

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