Sunday, September 14, 2008



----Also, about the One that got away. Bob Dylan influenced, in the vein of "Abandoned Love."

I can’t pretend that I don’t hurt---you left me something for to search
But I still see your face, every time, I pass by a Lutheran church
Now, there’s bells chiming, in those churches, everywhere
For the newlyweds and those mourning death’s despair

It seems that those bells are ringing for everyone, but me
I guess, there’s just something I’m missing, you see
For I stand here naked, cold, afraid and all alone
I don’t know why, but no matter how hard I try---I can never get home

I guess that God’s will is something I never really can know
But until I do, I’ll just keep traveling on, wherever the wind blows
Once I really found myself, but then I lost myself again
She is my heart and soul, but now, they’re being killed off by him

Yes, I still believe you’re my spiritual twin though
I should’ve let you know, something I meant to, so long ago
You’re the only one that I ever loved this much
God knows what I’d give to hear your voice again and feel your touch

All my faith and trust, I would’ve laid down for you, upon the line
But I guess, true love is really make believe or else only seen by the blind
The glass was too dark to look through, how could I’ve known
That she’d slip away from me, before all my heart was sown

Now, she uses his body for her pillow and her bed
I only feel sick inside, for no matter how hard I’ve tried --I can’t get you, out of my head
Now, the mask is finally slipping off---some path there was, we didn’t cross
I only know you are who I am, but that too, now, has been lost

You were the one, I found, that is the clear reflection---mirror of my soul
But now that mirror that I saw has been cracked---just like an egg-roll
I tossed all my seeds inside your heart’s bank, but the inflation made it all crash
Before things could germinate and grow---oh what a shame, nothing really lasts

Now, I’m standing, upon the gallows---fighting my enemy within
The one, who no matter what I do---just won’t let me win
It’s not often that you look, upon someone else’s eyes and see yours staring back
Now, I look, at everyone that I know and all I see are eyes that are black

You always were close within my reach, but maybe, you learnt to fly too high
Oh, now, I’m standing, upon the nadir of this breach---holding everything up to light
Well, instead of kissing the frog, you just had to poison it, didn't you?
Oh, well, you have him, I only have me---but either way, we’ll both pull through

This is a divorce, I do believe that’s just the way that it feels, you see
Now, there’s a part of me that still believes that you and I are meant to be
But you’re married, now, what else can I do, but send you this annulment and release
Or else you and I can never really and truly be free

©2006 T/H Songs, INC. & GB Lyrics, CO

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