Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here's a Leonard Cohen influenced poem that I wrote last year:


A casual accident crawls out of caustic reality. A green-eyed monster claws, at his heart. Oh, Babylon, you are liaisons of drunken orgies. You, poor boobies of alcoholic pride. You, sack of rotten teeth and flesh. How quickly you sell yourself for a bottle. An ugly swan floats by and you rebel against it. A Resurrected Butterfly flies by and you would rebel against that, too. How dare you fling your Wisdom, in our faces! Your spastic tail swings, at anything with two legs. You, ape with cruel eyes. You betray your elasticity by stretching your limits. Is there no honor or dignity anymore? Whatever happened to decency and integrity? We are not amused by the selfish pricks displaying their crack, in gutters. We have called, but the signs were avoided. A dog limps by with a broken leg. I straighten my face, in the mirror. The windows are dark, now. There is not a sound, except for dawn, and then Babylon begins again with unholy terror.


Commentary- The Babylon Monster

When will people graduate from high school?
Why can’t we do anything without bullshitting
each-other behind our backs?
Take a good look, in the mirror, and face the Babylon within yourself.

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