Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pardon Me, Whilst I Finish Transfering Facebook Notes


----Bob Dylan & Woody Guthrie style Talking Blues song lyrics

What’s with all this craziness goin’ round
You can’t hardly go, anywhere, without people makin’ crazy sounds
Yeah, people act funny, all the time… people act strange
It blows your mind, look around, it’s enough to drive you insane
Guess it don’t matter much….it’s good for your guts
To keep ya a-laughin’………in stitches!

Well, I knew me a good gal, her name was Kitty
She acted too tight, but she looked so pretty
Said she’d help me with my math………only be my friend though!
But she’d go out with one of my friends, you know
Because he threw a football!
I heard they got married…….nice thing to base a marriage on!

‘Twas the other night or so, must’ve been a dream
I remember all the faces, but I forgot all the scenes
Misti and Amanda were about to throw down
They was about to cat fight, tango all around
Over houses, couches, ranchers, lawyers and some other stuff
Underwear and shirts were a-flyin’!…..Kenny, where u at, fool?

I heard someone’s voice a-begin to shout
“I thought this was suppose to be a Bible study…not a nut house!”
Well, Shawna, Pam and the new girl was havin’ fun
While Jeremy was a-eating some suckers…called them: “dum-dums”
Jen saids: “don’t say that and hurt their feelings
Might not grow up and make their lollipops…proud.”

Oh, I spied me Betsy, she was a-playin’ trick-or-treat
I saids: “This is a sugar arrest, Betsy, hands offa those sweets”
Then she a-knocked me right offa my feet
I landed, on a parking meter…..100 miles down the street
Lucky, I didn’t get impaled…it was only a scratch!
She’s a teacher…..5th Grade……….I think!

Now, my friend, Todd, bless his poor soul
People crack, on him, because he’s gettin’ old
All I can say is: “at least, he ain’t crazy……..most of the time!”
But if you see him and think he looks drunk, on wine
It’s just because….he’s a live wire…..trouble maker…
Party animal……..wild man!

Late, last night, I heard a noise, in the kitchen…in the hall
Thought it was Suddam Hussain…it was only Marie climbing up the wall
Exorcist style!…she was a-talkin’ about architectural artistry
And Chad Michael Murphy……..wowee! How lucky!
Well, I think we should build a tower to store him in
Only bring him out, when we need a tree, on a hill…whew, Boy!

Brother Tim, he was a-telling me how real I was
You see, I don’t know all about that, because I could just be a mirage
Then he was a-tryin’ to tell me that I’m the smartest person, on earth
But I think for all my knowledge is worth
One day, alla them womens gonna be the death of me
You see what happened to Samson….King David and Solomon, too!

My love, she’s a terrorist……..terror to your mind
She treats me, so mean…she treats me, so kind
She comes from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania….Utah!
First, she breaks your heart, then she breaks your jaw
Think I’ll skip the country……join the foreign legion!
And a-clear out my head…might as well just stay, in bed!

Sometimes, I feel like Seinfeld, walkin’ off of a TV set
People, around me are crazy….I’m not quite there yet
What’s the deal with that? That’s just craziness for ya!….I guess!
Well, now, that Kramer, he’s some crazy cat…..he knows just where it’s at
He’s craziness defined… as a bird!

©2005 T/H Songs, INC. & GB Lyrics, CO

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