Thursday, October 2, 2008

Intensive Gospel Study: John 6

Reading Sheet
JOHN – Chapter 6

What/who was important to Jesus?

Abiding faith

What needs did Jesus meet?

He met people’s physical needs by feeding them with physical food/substance and He meets people’s spiritual needs by providing them with spiritual food/substance

What did Jesus ask or require of his followers?

To abide in our faith in Him, so that we don’t fall away and eventually fully and finally lose our eternal salvation unlike the false doctrine of Calvinism: once saved always saved

What issues did Jesus address (relationships, work, money, character, religious practice, etc.)?
He explains that a full life is found in Him and how the way He lived is an example of what God meant life to be

What is compelling to you about Jesus in this section?

How He feeds the multitudes as that was central enough to the Jesus narrative to be included in all four Gospels---although, the author of John uses different source material from the Jesus tradition ([written] oral tradition about Jesus) which focuses on the spiritual aspects of that event

How do followers respond to Jesus?
We must abide in our faith and trust in Him

What in this section challenges us to respond/ imitate/obey?

To serve God through love and in relationship not theophobia or by being literally afraid of God

How did Jesus change the world (for an individual or for a community)? He became our Living Manna

What vision of being missional do you glimpse for yourself? For the church? We are to be missional by living a life of loving service

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