Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tony Cartledge's Wit And Witticism About The SBC

Good stuff from Tony Cartledge

Since I don't watch TV dramas, I don't care what cell phone company the characters use or what cars they drive. I do wonder, however, if Pepsi might pony up a few free 12-packs if I mention "Diet Pepsi with Lime®" often enough in my blog.

While TV programs and movies are using more product integration, the Southern Baptist Convention's LifeWay bookstores are serving up product segregation. When a recent issue of Gospel Today featured women pastors on the cover, LifeWay yanked the magazine from its shelves lest anyone think the SBC might find women pastors to be acceptable in any way. SBC defenders cited the denomination's Baptist Faith and Message statement of 2000, which claims that the Bible rules out women pastors.

As I took a brisk sip of Diet Pepsi with Lime®, I ruminated that when the SBC adds a provision opposing the wearing of makeup and jewelry -- which the Bible addresses even more directly than women pastors -- I'll believe that they are truly trying to follow the Bible, rather than cherry-picking biblical texts to reinforce their preferred cultural norms. (More...)

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