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Gospel Singer Tonex Comes Out

Here is part of the article from Black Voices:
Tonex: Opening Up About Hysteria Over Homosexuality
Posted by Karu F. Daniels on Sep 25th 2009 8:08AM
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Earlier this month, clips of a taped television interview that gospel music sensation Tonex conducted for 'The Lexi Show' (on the Gospel network) surfaced on the Internet and caused a heated frenzy within the black religious industry. During the revealing conversation, the internationally renowned music superstar (nee Anthony Williams III) talked candidly about his homosexuality, his failed marriage and his thoughts on the black church. As expected, when someone touches upon such a taboo subject, it strikes a chord among others. But as the multiple Stellar Award-winning virtuoso tells it, in his very own words, it was a lot more than he ever bargained for. Below is Tonex's exclusive testimony to

Okay, so now since it's really gone mainstream, there is really no backpedaling is there?

After all of the buzz surrounding the Lexi interview, things started spinning out of control. What was said, what wasn't said, and how after you tell the truth even that truth has the propensity to get twisted. However, it's never a crime to face yourself and speak your heart. And you must have heart to tell the world who you are.

I never thought in a million years that I would find the courage to speak so freely about where I am as a human, a man and a child of God. After much soul searching and Bible reading, I had to come to some decisions about myself that I knew weren't going to be the easiest to confront, especially since I was a prominent figure in the religious community and gospel music at large. How would my family deal with this when it aired? And would the content be congruent with what was actually filmed after post production? I have to say that Lexi kept her word about professional journalism, and if people watch all three parts, they will see the totality of what was covered -- not just the sensationalism.

(Read full article: Here).

This is a similar story to Contemporary Christian Singer---Ray Boltz's coming out story from Sept. of last year. He caught mass hysteria from Conservative and Fundamentalist Christians because the man who sang:
---wasn't who they wanted him to be. See: TheoPoetic Musings: Todd Friel's Arrogance About Ray Boltz and Clay Aiken for example. All I have to say is may Tonex and Ray Boltz find peace in the walk with God regardless of what others think and feel about them.

See also: TheoPoetic Musings: Bill Clinton Is Now In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage.

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