Friday, September 4, 2009

Right Wing Nutcase Brannon Howse Calls Former President Bush A Socialist

Here is the latest screed I got in my email box from Worldview Weekend:
Posted: 09/02/09

Boycott Obama's Worldview Propaganda Machine
By Brannon Howse

Two important news stories broke this week that reveal that President Obama is building a worldview propaganda machine. This should be offensive to all Americans in both parties for many reasons that I will explain. However, I believe that it will not be offensive to enough Americans to make a difference because our nation's citizens have largely lost the ability to use reason, logic, and context. To those who think I am only writing this article because Obama is a democrat, you are wrong. I was one of the first conservative talk show hosts to refer to George W. Bush as a socialist and a globalist. Both parties are destroying our country.

Though the last sentence I can agree with to some extent but here is the main agenda of Howse's screed:
Item #1:

On September 8th at 1pm EST, President Obama will be the first U.S. president to speak to America's school children in an address that is directed specifically to them. I would not agree with this even if it were President Ronald Reagan delivering the speech. It is highly offensive for our children and our schools to be used by the President to push a political agenda. The U.S. Department of Education event put out an activity package for students to use before, during, and after the speech including making posters that will hang on the walls for several days. I read the activity sheets and I noticed that the questions students were being asked assumed that they would agree with whatever the President's agenda might be. The questions were written in such a way as to discourage dissent and to seek group consensus on the President's agenda.

Parents from all political parties should be offended and outraged by this disrespect of parental authority and personal family values and should reveal their disapproval by removing their child from any class period that will broadcast this speech. Take your child or children to lunch and then return them to school when the propaganda program has ended.

Sadly, most Americans do not know history and thus they do not understand why children should not be used or recruited for a political, worldview agenda by any national leader. These children do not belong to the State as the humanist elite choose to believe. The people that do not think this is what is happening are only revealing their ability to be easily manipulated.

President Obama understands that a revolution, as called for by his hero, Saul Alinsky, requires three things. First they need a crisis, secondly they need the youth (for sure the youth of the middle class), and thirdly they need an impotent church that does not oppose them. In my new book, Grave Influence, I explain how all three of these ingredients are coming together to make this perhaps the most dangerous time in America's history.

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So what are your opinions on all of this?


lucydrake said...

Send the kids or don’t send them…either way, they will find out what was said…with the media and people talking, it will get out…

badVlad said...

He is the one who doesn't know history and should perform a fact check before making his stupid paranoid statements. Ronald Reagan and George Bush made similar speeches to students. I'm surpised that idiot isn't screaming on a streetcorner wearing a sandwich board and selling pencils.

TheoPoet said...

Thanks for the comments Lucy and badVlad. Sorry it took so long to respond---but anyways you are both right. Yes, he is ignorant of history but then again most of the Religious Right is. What are your thoughts on this---TheoPoetic Musings: Another Lovely Screed From Brannon Howse?