Saturday, September 19, 2009

Todd Friel's Soft Spot For King James Only Heresy

I went to the Wretched website the other day and I noticed that Todd Friel finally covered the topic of King James Onlyism---but instead of condemning this true heresy, he said he is "sympathetic" to it. Of course, he would be as King James Onlyism is one form of bibliolatry and Todd believes in bibliolatry. Although, he does agree that we have "better manuscripts"---he is wishy washy in his approach to the subject. Anyways listen to the free podcast here: Wretched Radio-July 31, 2009. So is Todd Friel getting too soft on false teaching or what?

What happened to the hardass Todd who condemns making Jesus the center of Christian teaching?

Or is this because the bible really should be worshipped and placed above Jesus?

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Logan Ross said...

You are very cranky. Can you explain without getting angry why the other manuscripts are better?