Sunday, September 6, 2009

More On Obama "Indoctrination"

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Also check out Drew Tatusko's latest post---here is a snippet of that:
This hub-bub over the President's address to students irked me this weekend. How stupid are we as a public to lack any form of discernment?

It's not indoctrination. Indoctrination is what happens during basic training for the military which is literally called "indoctrination school." A non-coercive presidential address is indoctrination as much as teaching evolution is indoctrination. Indoctrination is a form of rhetoric that requires a coerced consent among the recipients of it. Those who maintain that a public speech given to school children is indoctrination sound to me like the ones who have been indoctrinated in the form of self-justified assent to what others have told them. Read that last sentence one more time and you can see the irony. This is the GOP sponsored press release that is at the very root of the problem:

The idea that school children across our nation will be forced to watch the President justify his plans for government-run health care, banks, and automobile companies, increasing taxes on those who create jobs, and racking up more debt than any other President, is not only infuriating, but goes against beliefs of the majority of Americans, while bypassing American parents through an invasive abuse of power.

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