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Resources For Our Genesis Study

Continuing from my previous post---here are some good online resources on Genesis:

On the side of Theistic Evolution:

Here are 2 interesting postings from one of my Presbyterian friends: The Rev's Rumbles: Creation and Blessing: In the Beginning---here is a highlight from this post:
Much to our chagrin, the Bible does not tell us how God did this work, the specific times, or how many watts of power were needed. The only thing we are told is that creation happened by the power of God's spoken word. As J. I. Packer has written, "The act of creation is mystery to us; there is more in it than we can understand. We cannot create by fiat, and we do not know how God could. To say that he created 'out of nothing' is to confess the mystery, not explain it" (Packer, J. I., "Creation: God is the Creator," Concise theology : A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs [Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House, 1995, c1993]).

There are still those who fret about the exact amount of time God used in creation. Were the six "days" of creation a form of poetry and symbolism, or were they literally twenty-four-hour days? I choose to believe the former, but you can read the arguments for yourself, if you want to take the time. But, as R. C. Sproul cautions us, "It is always dangerous to shout where God has whis pered." One way or another, the Bible is crystal-clear as to the "Who" of creation, and ultimately I think that's enough.

And: The Rev's Rumbles: Creation and Blessing: In God’s Image---here is a highlight from this post:
So what does it mean to be made in the image of God? Well, to be created by this design means that we are able to participate in this incredible phenomenon called thinking, reflecting, deciding, learning, feeling, and knowing.

We are also gifted with a moral sense—truly knowing right from wrong. You cannot speak as Reformed theology does of the "fall" of humankind without granting that there was somewhere to fall from. We were created intelligent, moral creatures, and it's from there that we fell.

To me the most significant reflection of the image of God is humankind's capacity for relationship. According to traditional Reformed theology, God is three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who enjoy perfect communication, flawless empathy, and unfettered relationship. We mirror that capacity to be in relationship with one another, to magnify the reflection of God's glory through our mutual love for others, especially the relationship of marriage.

We have been made for that which is sacred and holy, in God’s image, to fulfill the purposes of God . . . "for God's glory."

Dr. James McGrath has several postings on Genesis worth going through---here is his latest post on Genesis: Exploring Our Matrix: Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Ten.

Here are a few posts from Drew Tatusko on evolution vs. creationism: ken ham: religious hack, dr. ken miller breaks down human evolution, 200 years of god denying evilutionism or, darwins birthday and Evolution and Human Suffering among others.

Henry Neufeld's posts on the subject can be found: Here.

Here are some interesting postings on Genesis from my friend Christian Beyer: What if a Woman had Written Genesis? and Faith and Evolution Need Not Be Irreconcilable.

Of general interest is this Blog: An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution.

And here is all that I've posted on Genesis: Genesis and evolution versus creationism.

On the Creationist side:

Here are some postings from a Reformed Fundamentalist who visited my Blog a few times: Rhoblogy: BEAR 3 - Assume you are a better designer,Rhoblogy: BEAR 2 - Assume it happened, Rhoblogy: Bad Evolutionary Arguments Refuted 1, Rhoblogy: What is BEAR? and Rhoblogy: Naturalism as alchemy among others.

Here are a few posts from a conservative Arminian Blog that I like to read: Arminian Today: Celebrating Darwin? and Arminian Today: Initial Reactions to "Expelled" Movie.

Of general interest are these links:, Answers In Genesis,, and

I'll list more resources as needed along the way in other posts.

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