Monday, September 21, 2009

James Dobson Breaks Ties With Glenn Beck

My previous post on Glenn Beck was a satire all in good fun but here is something real:

Fundamentalists vs Mormons… Is the honeymoon over?

About a month ago I quoted Lisa Derrick from the Huffington Post:
During the Yes on 8 campaign, Mormons got used like an ugly chick by a sleazy rock band–it was fine for her to pay for rent, food and gas, and provide certain services, but when it comes time for the record release party, she won’t be on the list.

Here is an example, a prime example.

The Mormon Times is reporting that Focus on the Family has pulled an article off their website because the faith of the person is a “cult” and is a “false religion” and shouldn’t be promoted by a Christian ministry.

This all started on December 22, when an anti-Mormon group called Underground Apologetics issued a release through Christian News Wire which read:
Focus on the Family has a story on Glenn Beck, a Mormon, on their CitizenLink Web site.

Glenn Beck was a CNN host and will move to Fox News in January.

Beck is currently promoting his book, ‘The Christmas Sweater.’

The CitizenLink story focuses on Beck’s faith and why he wrote ‘The Christmas Sweater.’

While Glenn’s social views are compatible with many Christian views, his beliefs in Mormonism are not. Clearly, Mormonism is a cult. The CitizenLink story does not mention Beck’s Mormon faith, however, the story makes it look as if Beck is a Christian who believes in the essential doctrines of the faith.

Through the years, Focus on the Family has done great things to help the family and has brought attention to the many social ills that are attacking the family. However, to promote a Mormon as a Christian is not helpful to the cause of Jesus Christ. For Christians to influence society, Christians should be promoting the central issues of the faith properly without opening the door to false religions.

Can I get an “OUCH!”

Hey Glenn seems your money was good, however, you, your products, and your beliefs, are no good.

Sigh...oh those loopy fundamentalists.


Bot said...

Glenn Beck believes in First Century Christianity, not Fourth Century man-made Creeds:

Bot said...

. Harper’s Bible Dictionary entry on the Trinity says “the formal doctrine of the Trinity as it was defined by the great church councils of the fourth and fifth centuries is not to be found in the New Testament.” Furthermore, 11 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were non-Trinitarian Christians Glenn Beck views the Trinity as three separate divine beings , in accord with the earliest Greek New Testament manuscripts and the Founders

Aaron Shafovaloff said...

Mormons will go so far to argue that it was the fourth century corruption that brought us the notion that God the Father absolutely never sinned and never could have. Many Mormons believe God the Father perhaps was a sinner.

Bot said...

Rather than pull "facts" out of thin air, how about using real information:

Mormons hold firmly to the deity of Christ. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS), Jesus is not only the Son of God but also God the Son. Evangelical pollster George Barna found in 2001 that while only 33 percent of American Catholics, Lutherans, and Methodists (28 percent of Episcopalians) agreed that Jesus was “without sin”, 70 percent of Mormons believe Jesus was sinless.

So tell me again that Mormons believe Jehovah sinned!

TheoPoet said...

Thanks for all the comments. Actually I may not be a Mormon but I don't agree with what James Dobson did. It is a violation of Baptist principles. However, Bot---it is pretty presumptuous of you to assume that Glenn Beck believes in First Century Christianity when no one was alive then to know exactly what they believed.

TheoPoet said...

Aaron thanks for your thoughts but I have to defend Bot here and say yes---Mormons hold firmly to the deity of Christ. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS), Jesus is not only the Son of God but also God the Son.