Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stuff Todd Friel Hates

1. The Girls Scouts Of America:
I just caught the tail end of Todd Friel's Wretched on FamilyNet while channel surfing. I only saw maybe 10 minutes of it, but that was enough to last me a whole year.

On this episode, Friel was bitching because The Girl Scouts of America is run by liberals and that they want to teach girls how to be leaders and not the footstools for men. Friel's monolouge sounds condescending, dismissive, and just plain rude.

2. VeggieTales:
On the show, Todd tied this in with VeggieTales. He made the case that:
Sunday school tries to present sanitized Bible stories for kids, so they learn them as cutesy fairy tales rather than stories of an angry and vengeful God, by whom we need to be saved from sin.

The cartoon offers cute little morality plays, also presenting of tidied up versions of Old Testament stories but never really inserting a Veggie Jesus into the action. Instead of salvation through grace, they emphasize things like responsible behavior and doing the right things for good reasons, rather than because the Bible said so.
---The Atheist Experience: Todd Friel does not like VeggieTales

3. Rick Warren:

4. Contemplative Prayer:

5. Rob Bell: blah blah blah: Rob Bell and Todd Friel

6. Glenn Beck:

7. Hillary Clinton:
Hillary Clinton recently proclaimed to Holy Flame Pentecostal Church in Little Rock, "As you know, I consider myself an evangelical Christian, really a Christian conservative." Really? a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage conservative evangelical? Did you know there was such a thing? There is now.

8. Atheists:

9. Non-Fundamentalist Calvinist Christians: “Are You Really a Christian?” by Todd Friel

10. Basically anyone that does not agree with his narrow view of the world:, todd friel, Wretched

11. There are plenty of other things---care to add to the ever-growing list?

12. Oh yeah...I almost forgot Todd Friel hates The Shack:


JD said...

Yeah Todd Friel is pretty much a smarmy intolerant fool. Like Ray Comfort and the rest of the Living Waters crowd.

TheoPoet said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah you're right about that.

Pirate77 said...

Intolerant fool? If you are not tolerant of Todd Friel, what does that make you? I'll take his Biblically verifiable theology over the wishy-washy ignore-it-or-make-it-up-or-change-it-to-suit-us so-called theology that has been initiated by people like Joel Osteen, Brian McLaren (whom you seem to love) and Doug Pagitt, just to name a few.

mountainguy said...

Pirate: so you can judge others because you are more "orthodox",and the rest of us heretics who think jesus teachings are more important than republicans, imperialism and free market? Certainly JD's attitude is not right, but as long as someone finds to be more "truthy" there is (apparently) plenty of room for judgement. But please don't send your marines to bomb me, hehehehehe, gringo...

Anonymous said...

He also hates Katy Perry

Anonymous said...

He makes me want to round house kick a chimp